How to get started using this Overpass service

You are free to use our endpoints in any project that requires access to OpenStreetMap data, including commercial use.

You do not need to register or ask for permission, just point your application to our endpoint and you're good to go!

Supports all features of Overpass.

In addition to regular requests, use areas, access attic data, generate maps, and more.
Check out the official Overpass API documentation to see everything you can do with this service!

Unlimited access

Unlike other Overpass instances, this one is free to use for any purpose.

There are no rate limits in place – we trust our users to share the available resources fairly.


Although this is a free service, we still want to make your experience as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, encounter any problems, or just want to chat, send us a message using our contact form!


We realize that the data you are sending our way may be sensitive. That's why we don't store it.

For any request you send our way, we only temporarily store non-sensitive metadata. See our Privacy Policy below for more details!

Terms of Use
for the Kumi Systems Overpass Service

Don't worry, our terms of use are really simple. It only takes a minute or two to read them, so please do!

1. Who are you? How can I contact you?

This service is operated by Kumi Systems, a software development and IT consultancy company from Austria.
You can find our full legal information on our website or use our contact form if you want to get in touch.

2. What is this service?

Through our Overpass API service, you can access data from OpenStreetMap programmatically.
Due to the design of the software, the returned data may be slightly different from and less recent than the current data displayed on the OpenStreetMap website.

3. How can I access this service?

Our Overpass API endpoints are available at – for instance, to use the default interpreter, use the URL
For a full reference of everything you can do using our service, please refer to the official Overpass API documentation.

4. What are my obligations when using this service?

You can use our service under three conditions: You have to "be kind", respect your users' privacy and comply with OpenStreetMap's license.
"Being kind" means that we expect you to keep the load on our servers as low as possible (e.g. by optimizing your queries), fairly share resources with other users (e.g. limiting simultaneous requests) and of course not to send malicious requests or willingly disrupt service for other users in some other way.
You are also required to make sure that your requests do not contain any personally identifiable information of either yourself or your users. Refer to our privacy policy and, if applicable, make it available to your users.
OpenStreetMap's copyright and license notice requires you to credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors when using OSM data. Refer to that notice and make sure you follow their requirements.
Please note that we may temporarily or permanently block your IP range or User-Agent from accessing our servers if we notice any disruptions caused by your use, especially if we don't know how to get in touch with you. If you are getting status code 403 or 429 in response to your requests, this is what happened. Get in touch using our contact form to find out what you can do to get unblocked.

5. What are best practices when using this service?

Please use a meaningful User-Agent header with your requests. At the very least, it should include the name of your project and a way for us to contact you (e.g. a link to the project website) in case of any problems. Please note that by including an email address you explicitly allow us to keep that address on record and contact you if necessary. Do not include any personally identifiable information of your users!
If at all possible, use POST requests. We do filter out GET parameters before logging requests but POST requests are better anyway.
We ask you to notify us in advance of any larger operations you are planning. If you are planning to send more than ten requests per second to our servers, to run more than ten requests at a time, and/or to regularly run requests which you expect to cause a high load on our servers, we ask you to get in touch using our contact form in advance so we can keep an eye on the situation and add more resources if necessary.
You are not required to credit us, or refer to our website in your project, although if you absolutely have to put a link to Kumi Systems e.U. on your project website, we're not going to stop you. ;)

6. Is this service reliable? Where is the usual disclaimer?

Our Overpass service has been around for quite some time now and is used by a lot of projects. We realize that quite a few popular services now rely on the infrastructure we provide, and we are proud to support these projects. So, don't worry, our service isn't going anywhere. Quite to the contrary, we keep trying to further improve the reliability of our services.
That said, sometimes one of our servers may fall a bit out of sync when load gets too high, and start returning old data. We try to prevent this from happening, and automatically remove servers from our pool when they fall too far out of sync, but if you require the most current data, we recommend checking the timestamp in the response and try your request again if the data is too outdated for your needs.
Despite our commitment to keeping this service alive and reliable, for legal reasons we need to say this:
We provide this service free of charge to support the mapping and coding communitites. The service is provided "as is", without any warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to warranty of fitness for any specific purpose. We may terminate this service at our sole discretion at any time and without any prior notice and are not liable for any damages incurred due to service termination, outages, incorrect data, etc. This service may not be used to operate any critical infrastructure or where incorrect or missing data could lead to personal injury or death, financial losses, damage to assets, etc. It is your obligation to identify if this service is suitable for your purposes.

Privacy Policy
for the Kumi Systems Overpass Service

First things first: We do not collect any personally identifiable information when using the API. This is our privacy policy as of 2021/06/23.

1. Who are you? How can I contact you?

This service is operated by Kumi Systems, a software development and IT consultancy company from Austria.
You can find our full legal information on our website or use our contact form if you want to get in touch.

2. What kind of information do you store?

When you are browsing the landing page at or using any of the services under that domain, including the core Overpass API endpoints, the following data is collected for each request:
  • the first three bytes of the source IPv4 address (e.g., or the first six bytes of the source IPv6 address (e.g. 1234:5678:90ab:cdef:1234:5678::)
  • the date and time when we received your request
  • the HTTP protocol version (e.g. HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2) and request method (GET/POST)
  • the requested endpoint (e.g. /api/interpreter, GET parameters are not logged)
  • the content of the HTTP Referer header, if any
  • the content of the HTTP User-Agent header, if any (see Terms of Use)
Logs are retained for up to 48 hours. We use the logged data only to detect and mitigate technical problems and respond to changes in request volume. None of this data qualifies as personal data, so we do not require your consent for storing it.

3. What kind of information do you store for support tickets?

If you contact us using the contact form or by email, we collect the following information:
  • the name and email address you provided
  • your full IPv4 or IPv6 address
  • the date and time when we received your message
  • the HTTP protocol version (e.g. HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2) and request method (GET/POST)
  • the content of the HTTP Referer header, if any
  • the content of the HTTP User-Agent header, if any
This information is stored for seven days after your support ticket is closed and is only used in relation to your support ticket. By submitting the contact form or sending an email you explicitly consent to this usage of your data and allow us to contact you to respond to your inquiry.

4. Do you use cookies?

We use cookies only as part of our support system. When you open a support request, a cookie is stored in your browser in order to keep you logged in to our support system. You can disable cookies in your browser, or use your browser's functions to manage the cookies we have set.

5. What are my rights?

According to both applicable privacy laws and common sense you have certain rights associated to our processing of the personal data you have provided:
  • Right to access and data portability: You have the right to request copies of the personal data we process, and to transfer that data to you or somebody else
  • Right to rectification: If you believe any of the data we process on you in incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request correction
  • Right to erasure: You have the right to request us to delete data we process on you, if we are not legally obliged to hold on to that data
  • Right to restrict/object to processing: You have the right to request we restrict the processing of your data, or to object to our processing of your data

We have one month to process your request. Please contact us by email or mail in order to exercise any of your rights.

If you believe that we are not processing your data in accordance with applicable data protection laws, you have the right to complain at the competent data protection authority. In Austria, this is the Datenschutzbehörde.

If you are concerned about personal data that is returned by our API, please note that this is information we got from a public source. If you wish to get data removed from the OSM data set, please get in touch with the OSM Foundation directly.

6. What are my obligations as an API user?

By using our service, you agree not to include any personally identifiable information, such as names, with requests you send to our API endpoints, either as request content or as metadata.
You agree to communicate our privacy policy your users or refer to it in your own privacy policy, as applicable.

Any further questions?

Just send us a message, we are always glad to help.